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Kre8tive Karma Gift Baskets of Calgary, started as an idea that is now a reality of creative gift giving crafted from painstaking research, a mind for natural products, lovely details and attentive touches.  We dream, explore and assemble exquisite baskets that bring priceless smiles & joy upon receipt.

The Kre8tive Karma duo, Kari Kershaw & Tracy Paley, reside in Calgary & Kananaskis County.  Both are mothers of two boys, adore the outdoors, have a competitive nature & a passion for a life where a wish can become an occupation of love.  Kari has become an expert at gift giving over the years, drawing upon years of experience in the real estate industry and in corporate aviation.  Tracy’s background lies in dentistry and such experience has added a key element to make this dream come true.

Inspired by our personal history, nature, vocational experiences and the advice of friends and family; Kre8tive Karma Gift Baskets has come to life.  Kre8tive Karma Gift  Baskets  already offers an ever expanding range of fine handpicked goods & a variety of choices to bring them together for a distinctive design with an attention to even the smallest, charming details.  Each basket is meant to feel sweetly familiar and delightfully luxurious. Now yours to pass along.

Join us in celebrating the art of giving and the joy of convenience with Kre8tive Karma’s signature baskets or made to order custom ensembles. We do all this to help you make the most of times which make life irresistible; Exquisite Dinners, Unforgettable Holidays, Goodnight Kisses, New Beginnings, Quiet Moments, Spectacular Achievements…times no one wants to forget!

Now that you’ve heard our story; how can we help you with yours?

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